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The comprehension of anaphoric relations may be guided not only by discourse, but also syntactic information. In the literature on online processing, however, the focus has been on audible pronouns and descriptions whose reference is resolved mainly on the former. This paper examines one relation that both lacks overt exponence, and relies almost exclusively on syntax for its resolution: adjunct control, or the dependency between the null subject of a non-finite adjunct and its antecedent in sentences such as Mickey talked to Minnie before ___ eating. Using visual-world eyetracking, we compare the timecourse of interpreting this null subject and overt pronouns (Mickey talked to Minnie before he ate). We show that when control structures are highly frequent, listeners are just as quick to resolve reference in either case. When control structures are less frequent, reference resolution based on structural information still occurs upon hearing the non-finite verb, but more slowly, especially when unaided by structural and referential predictions. This may be due to increased difficulty in recognizing that a referential dependency is necessary. These results indicate that in at least some contexts, referential expressions whose resolution depends on very different sources of information can be resolved approximately equally rapidly, and that the speed of interpretation is largely independent of whether or not the dependency is cued by an overt referring expression.

Much work in psycholinguistics has therefore been directed at the online processing of pronouns and other anaphoric expressions, since its study promises to illuminate the mechanisms by which disparate information sources are integrated in language comprehension (Ehrlich & Rayner 1983; Blanchard 1987; Arnold et al. 2000; Stewart, Pickering & Sanford 2000; Kehler & Rohde 2013). Given the potential complexity of this task and the difficulties of measuring it experimentally, our initial questions only concern timing: How long does it take to resolve reference? And in general, is resolution initiated immediately upon perception of the anaphoric expression? Or do we, often enough, resolve reference only when our practical goals demand it? There is active pursuit of these questions in the literature (see, e.g. Stewart Holler & Kidd 2007; Karimi & Ferreira 2016; for a discussion on other instances of shallow processing, see Ferreira, Bailey & Ferraro 2002).

Seminal work by Arnold et al. (2000) using the visual-world paradigm has shown that pronouns can be rapidly interpreted to infer the referent intended by the speaker, especially when gender and number features on the pronoun agree with a single entity in the discourse. In their experiments, participants viewed pictures on a screen and listened to descriptions in which a pronoun referred to one of the two characters in the picture. Results showed that when the two characters mismatched in gender, participants looked to the correct character within approximately 200 ms after the offset of the pronoun, suggesting that they were able to use the gender features of the pronoun to successfully resolve reference by that time.

In contrast to pronouns, there has been relatively little work on the timing of the resolution of control structure anaphora. And the majority of what we do know comes from studies of complement control as in (4), rather than adjunct control (5).

Studies on complement control (e.g. Boland, Tanenhaus & Garnsey 1990; Demestre et al. 1999) have generally found that the anaphor can be processed quickly. But complement control differs from both adjunct control and pronominal anaphora in an important way: the matrix verb gives early cues that a control structure is coming as well as about what the referent of the null subject will be. After the verb persuade in (4c), for example, it is likely that an infinitival complement is to follow, and that its null subject will be controlled by the direct object. It is therefore plausible that the rapid processing seen in complement control structures is due at least in part to information conveyed by the main-clause verb. With adjunct control, the participial clause is not selected by any element of the matrix clause, and accordingly its processing may differ from complement control. Betancort, Carreiras & Acuña-Fariña (2006) found slowdowns in the processing of one type of adjunct control when compared to complement control in an eyetracking while reading study, suggesting that verb information may have led to prediction of control and/or the referent of the null subject. Because adjunct control is less predictable than complement control, it may make for a more minimal comparison with audible pronouns, since in general the occurrence of a pronoun is also not strongly predicted by a prior verb.

This paper compares the processing of audible pronouns and the implicit anaphora in adjunct control structures to examine the speed with which structural information can be used in reference resolution. In two experiments, we use visual-word eyetracking to measure the timecourse of reference resolution in sentences such as (6).

There are several differences between anaphora involving overt pronouns and adjunct control that might cause the processing and interpretation of the null subject in adjunct control structures to proceed relatively slowly, but there are also reasons to expect it to happen quickly. In what follows, we outline the reasons for both expectations. 041b061a72


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