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Necromunda - Ash Wastes

The book includes a detailed map of the area and Trade Routes of Cinderak Crater, with all roads leading into Cinderak City. Roads are marked out as Near, Deep and Wild wastes, all with associated rules for how dangerous they are. With this is a D66 table for road sections to generate roads for your campaign players at the beginning of the campaign.

Necromunda - Ash Wastes


Cinderak City, being the largest settlement in all of the Ash Wastes has grown to become a location of much importance due to the intersection of major roads and transport arteries across the planet. As much it has attracted the interest of not only the Houses of Necromunda, who are looking to take control of the roads and territories for both taxation and claiming optimum transport links, but also for the criminal underworld and raiders who take advantage of the lawless wastes between major landmarks.

Gang construction rules have also been updated to take account for Ash Wastes games, with any campaigns taking place in the wastes getting an additional 400 credits at construction that can only be spent on vehicles or mounts, which is a nice way of giving you enough cash to get started with a couple of vehicles or mounts at gang creation.

Necromunda Ash Wastes introduces a whole new setting to the game: the titular ash wastes. Normally, battles in Necromunda take place in the cramped, confined spaces inside one of the planet's sprawling hive cities. Now the team at Games Workshop have opened the play space up to include the toxic Ash Wastes, those lawless, sprawling roads and inhospitable lands outside of the hive cities. Lurking among the dunes and swaths of toxic clouds are the enigmatic Ash Waste Nomads, a group of self-sufficient gangers who've made a home out in these deadly plains.

I'm honest - I really like the design of the Ash Waste nomads. The infantry is very impressive and makes a plausible use of their equipment, like repurposing the Van Saar suits, to be able to live and fight in the ash wastes (like the Fremen from Dune). I even have seen amazing conversions (by mp_miniatures), combining their bodies with Skitarii Heads for a very convincing Dark Mechanicum. And these new plastics surely do look more impressive than the old Fanatic sculpts.

Our group has been spitballing a Necromunda campaign weekend for a while, im pretty confident Ash wastes will be the decider on that happening, especially as my main fellow instigator has been making various Gorkamorka mods for years (I was quite keen to see his Warcry version finished...). I do hope the opening book is a broad church with vehicles for everyone and stats for the existing 40k civilian vehicles (Mostly from GSC) to maximise that initial uptake rather than drawing things out so you cant play properly until the last book is done! Especially as i run a cult mainly and they will definitely be last to get addressed otherwise! Does look like Orlocks V Nomads in the animatic, so probably the box gangs? 041b061a72


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