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T11 Incomplete

After a complete neurological examination, the doctor will assign a level of injury and determine if the injury is complete or incomplete. The initial level of injury and function may also change upon discharge to rehabilitation.

T11 Incomplete

Case description: The patient described in this case report was a 43-year-old man with a T11 incomplete chronic SCI. He underwent 36 sessions of BWSTT using a robotic gait orthosis to provide forces that resist hip and knee flexion.

Biostratigraphic control varies downcore. Three intervals (0-13, 51-100, and 175-215 mbsf) have particularly abundant occurrence datums in good agreement and these form the major control for the age depth correlation shown in FigureF6. The interval between 13 and 51 mbsf is poorly constrained. The two radiolarian datums FO Prunopyle titan (14) and LO Helotholus praevema (16) and the LO of the diatom Hemidiscus karstenii (13) appear to be older than expected (see"Time Scale" in the "Explanatory Notes" chapter). The interval between 100 and 175 mbsf also has only a few apparently conflicting occurrence datums. The preferred line of correlation is constrained by the range of Praeorbulina circularis (37) and the FO of Orbulina saturalis (36). The FO of the diatom Denticulopsis dimorpha (34) and the radiolarian Eucyrtidium inflatum (35) are not considered reliable and may well be older than expected(see "TimeScale" in "Biostratigraphy" in the "Explanatory Notes" chapter). The LO of the nannofossil Sphenolithus heteromorphus (38) and the FO of the foraminifer Globorotalia praemenardii requires further scrutiny. Other bioevents that deviate from the best-fit line in FigureF6 may be a result of incomplete local range at Site 1120. These also require more scrutiny.

We are sorry for the incomplete information about IC50, and the accurate IC50 was provided in the listed table. It might be difficult to mark the accurate IC50 exactly on the Sigmoid curve and a table may be better to show the IC50. 041b061a72


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