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The Swap Megan Shull Pdf 13

Parents need to know that The Swap is about a middle school boy and girl who swap bodies thanks to a Freaky Friday-like spell. There's some puberty talk -- about periods for girls and morning erections for boys -- and talk about crushes and other people's bodies. Main characters Ellie and Jack stage a kiss for their friends before holding hands and walking away, and a girl invents a story about a boy kissing her. There's one fistfight at school between two boys, one of whom is the class bully. The protagonists learn to appreciate both typically masculine and feminine traits: Ellie stands up for herself in a big way, and Jack learns that letting out his emotions can be very healing. The Swap could open up some conversations about who has it harder during puberty, boys or girls. Parents also could use the book as a way to talk about bullying.

The Swap Megan Shull Pdf 13


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